2006 "Top Ten" list WDET fm in Detroit.
2007 "Semi finalist" UK Songwriting Contest.
2007 Acid Jazz Magazine Interview.
2007 Compilation Disc Acid Jazz Magazine.
2006 "Featured Artist" New Orleins Radio.
2007 Over 15 "Forwards" to TAXI Clientele.

2014 semi finalist UK songwriting contest

2017 radio play WDET

I have been a musician for over 30 years in the Detroit area. Mostly on drums, but I can "mingle" with most any instrument. I have released three discs to date. I also just realeased my forth disc “Liquidity”

I started playing drums almost 30 years ago, and saxophone almost 40 years. Music has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. Phil Kelly has always been my mentor. We met shortly after high school and started to play in bands together. "Providence" was the first band. (The full name was "Newlywed Providence Blowtorch Aliens and the names went downhill from there.) 

The most memorable musical experience I have had was when Ralph Valdez, a DJ from WDET in Detroit, called and said he loved my disc and would play it on his next show. We had a party that night and it felt as though a dream had come true. Appearing as a finalist in this years (2019) USA songwriting competition is also a true highlight in my career, My music has also been aired on the Jon Moshier program, and "The Listening Room" with host Chris Felcyn. As well as KAOS fm in Olympia Wa, Tomorrow Jazz, aTTeNTIoN sPaN raDIO, IPM.com, And reached the feature page on New Orleans Radio.com

I worked in professional theater for 18 years at Meadow Brook Theater at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. From set design to writing the score for the 1993 production of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. 

Today, I play weekly in a jazz trio, and spend a lot of time recording. I'm currently reacquainting myself with the tenor sax as well. 

My favorite activities include painting large abstracts in acrylic ( over 30 shows to date including, Meadowbrook art Gallery, The Edsel Ford Grounds, Paint Creek center for the arts, Inn Seasons Cafe, to name a few ) I also have a full time "day job,"taking care of my boy Noah, a beautiful wife, and an awesome chocolate Lab named Coco. That leaves little time for television, thank God!!!